Dental Microscope

Our Clinic has a state of the art dental microscope made by Zeiss.

In endodontics it allows excellent visibility or the possibility to locate the exits of narrow canals, while in preventive dentistry it makes diagnosing a much easier job. It can also be used in micro-surgery and prosthetics. It allows for a precise cleaning of the canals, closing the perforation or removal of broken instruments.

The Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico is one of the best diagnostic and treatment microscopes used in dentistry. This microscope is distinguished by its advanced optical technology provided by a world leader in the field of optics, halogen lighting of the treatment area using an integrated optical fibre and an articulated tube, which greatly improves ease of use and ergonomics.

A dental microscope is particularly useful in the case of repeated root canal treatment (revision of root canal therapy), which is accompanied by increased risk of complications or failure.

Root canal treatment under microscope is also required by teeth with complications such as broken canal instruments and perforation of the canal wall.

The specialists of our Clinic conduct advanced canal treatment under the microscope, specialising in particularly complicated cases of root canal therapy. They can easily remove broken instruments and close off perforations.

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