Acrylic Dentures

The acrylic dentures we make in our Clinic can be partial or complete. They are entirely made of acrylate. These kinds of dentures are used when teeth are completely missing or in the case of extensive partial loss of teeth. They are made of all kinds of plastics.

Now, in the era of highly developed aesthetic dentistry, they are successfully used as temporary restorations (in the course of implant treatment), however, our patients often choose them as a final method of restoration.

It should be noted, however, that in this type of prostheses pressure is transferred directly to gum (and not bone), which limits the chewing force to about 25% of that of your natural teeth. Prostheses of this kind have a tendency to subside and as a result, new prostheses must be made at least once in 5 years. For that reason we recommend frame dentures of fixed restorations to our Patients.


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