Frame Dentures

In our clinic we make frame dentures made of a foundation (metal frame) and the missing teeth embedded in it (acrylic, porcelain). Metal frame ensures that the whole structure is durable and restricts the plate of the denture, allowing for a quick and easy adaptation to the restorations and physiological shifting of the masticatory forces to the remaining teeth (thanks to persistent elements – buckles, thorns).

Dentures of this type are comfortable, durable and fast way of rebuilding gaps where the use of crowns and bridges is not possible. Of all removable dentures, they recreate the chewing function most faithfully.

The frame can be replaced with a metal-free structure, which is more visually appealing. It could be made of acron: a new, translucent, non-toxic, anallergic, aesthetic (the same colour as soft tissue), comfortable material which does not require extending the denture plate and comes in milky-white or tissue pink colour.


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