Prosthetic Crowns


Prosthetic crowns we make in our Clinic are restorations which are permanently cemented into place. They are made in the case of a large loss of dental hard tissue, teeth weakened by numerous fillings, after teeth injuries or root canal treatment, in the case of the vast hyperpigmentation and underdevelopment of tissues. Prosthetic crowns restore chewing function when a regular filling is not able to rebuild the lost tissue. They guarantee aesthetic appearance and strengthening of the teeth. They are custom-made for each Patient and fit perfectly in terms of colour and shape.


Porcelain crowns on metal base


Porcelain crowns on metal base consist of a metal cap which can be made of a metallic alloy (Co, Cr, Cu, Ni) or a gold alloy. The metal ensures durability and strength of the filling, while the porcelain placed on the metal ensures aesthetic appearance. Obtaining a perfect cosmetic effect can sometimes be impossible due to different refraction, absorption and reflection of light than in the case of natural teeth. The metal can affect the condition of the gums – it may cause a darker rim around the gingival pocket. Therefore it is widely believed that metal base restorations are not always visually appealing enough.


Porcelain crowns on zirconium base


Porcelain crowns on zirconium base have a similar construction to metal and porcelain crowns. The metal cap is replaced with a more aesthetic and opaque zirconium, which is veneered with porcelain. These crowns are visually appealing and have a high degree of coverage of discolored tooth tissue or with a metal post and core inlay. They are suitable both for reconstruction of the frontal and the rear sections of the teeth.


Porcelain zirconium crowns


Porcelain zirconium crowns are made of zirconium dioxide; they guarantee a very high translucency (41%) and high fracture resistance. They can be customized restoration or form part of prosthetic constructions – often in the lateral segment. They are made entirely of a uniform material, which prevents spalling of porcelain layers. They are also very appealing in terms of visual appearance – they can be used in the frontal section (after porcelain veneering and proper coating). Compared to standard prosthetic restorations based on metal and porcelain, the zirconium oxide allows us to restore the teeth in an even more natural way.


All ceramic crowns


All ceramic crowns are made entirely of veneered pressed or cut porcelain. They have a very natural appearance, therefore they are used in reconstruction of front teeth. Porcelain exhibits similar characteristics to tooth tissues (in terms of hardness and abrasion resistance). They are non-toxic to the teeth tissues and gums. They are anallergic, they do not accumulate plaque. A proper cementing method allows for a strong bond and strengthening of the tooth. The colour of the crown is stable and does not undergo discolouration.


Crowns on implants


Crowns on implants can be made of metal and porcelain or zirconium (in a proper manufacturing system). They are connected with an implant (after its prior stabilisation in the bone) with a linking element, which can be made of metal of ceramics, screwed or cemented, straight or angled. Along with the implant, it allows the reconstruction of a lost tooth and its functions.




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