Panoramic X-ray

Our Clinic also uses a state of the art digital pantomogram for taking panoramic X-ray photos, also known as “panoramas,” and cephalometric images, or lateral skull images.

These images allow us to assess the condition of all the teeth, with temporo-mandibular joints and maxillary sinus.
Sprzęt mThis equipment is very versatile. It is a source of useful information for the doctor about a Patient’s teeth during orthodontic, implant or endodontic treatment, as well as regarding jaw surgery. Examination of the mandible, jaw, sinuses, temporo-mandibular joints, or fragments of the skull make it possible for the doctor to make a quick and accurate diagnosis.
Hyperion X9 is a scanner providing extremely accurate panoramic images of the highest quality by means of an innovative digital imaging process and state of the art technologies available on the market, which allow the equipment to reduce the X-ray dose to a minimum.
The image is obtained immediately after exposure on a computer screen. It can be saved to a CD or other data medium or sent by e-mail.
This type of examination is necessary for assessing the state of the Patient’s teeth and planning further treatment. As it makes all the teeth visible with their neighbouring structures, it is a very valuable screening examination, which allows early detection of pathological changes in the bone and jaw as well as in the temporo-mandibular joints and maxillary sinuses.

Spot Radiography

Apart from panoramic images, our Clinic also has a machine for taking spot radiography images of particular teeth, most often used for diagnostic purposes during endodontic treatment.

Aparat The RXDC eXTend scanner with ZEN-X digital radiovisiography is the latest version of high frequency X-ray machine, which provides accurate photographs thanks to unmatched parallelism of the beam obtained with a 12” tube.

The design solutions in combination with modern technology provide dentists with a remote controlled, precise and versatile tool with multiple configurations. The specially designed constant potential head for digital X-ray photos ensures that photos have a constant focus and radically reduces the amount of radiation dose.