Our Clinic provides professional prosthetic treatment, dealing the reconstruction of severely damaged teeth and tooth loss, which occurs mostly due to caries or some kind of trauma.

Significant deterioration of dental tissues and missing teeth make your smile look bad. Your face looks older than it is, as lines and wrinkles look deeper, face profile looks more sunken and the lips look flatter.

To make matters worse, loosing even a single tooth has a destructive effect on all the structures within the oral cavity, in particular the remaining teeth. They are displaced and subjected to excessive loads, which leads to premature loss of teeth.


Our Clinic provides a full scope of prosthetic restorations (see the Price List)


Fixed Restorations


Prosthetic Crowns   Prosthetic Bridges
Post and Core Inlays   Veneers


Removable Restorations


Frame Dentures   Acrylic Dentures



Let’s fix your teeth!