Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning should normally be performed once per six months. In the case of people wearing braces, it is reduced to three months, while for people with gum problems – even two months. These treatments are conducted by a dentist or a dental hygienist.

The hygienisation treatments performed in a dental clinic include scaling, sanding, coating (covering the teeth fluoride) and providing instructions concerning oral hygiene. These treatments are often performed together, depending on the needs.


  • SCALING – it is a treatment which involves removal of scale using an ultrasonic device. Ultrasounds effectively break up the scale accumulated on the teeth.
  • SANDING – it is a treatment which involves removal of dental plaque. The equipment used for this treatment (dental sandblaster) distributes water mixed with special dental sand under pressure, causing the removal of plaque.

    The sanding procedure is used in the case of plaque removal.. It is also used in addition to scaling.
  • COATING – coating all the surfaces of the teeth wit a large dosage of fluoride.  This treatment results in penetration of fluorine ions into the tooth enamel, which protects against bacteria and caries
  • ORAL HYGIENE  INSTRUCTION –  our highly qualified hygienist will give your all the necessary instructions regarding dental  hygiene.

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