Removable Braces

Removable braces are the kind of braces which the Patient can take of or put on by him-/herself. They are most often used in the case of young Patients, but they can also be useful in the case of adults.

Impressions are taken during the first visit in order to design and make proper braces. Afterwards our orthodontist specialist carefully plans the type of braces and all of its elements. At the next step the braces are made by a qualified technician.

A basic condition which guarantees good results of treatment with removable braces is to make sure they are systematically used. The minimum time of wearing them is 4 HOURS PER DAY AND THE ENTIRE NIGHT. In certain cases the doctor can order a longer time.

An average time of treatment with this kind of braces is 2 years, but it is largely dependent upon the frequency of wearing, type of malocclusion and its severity. Sometimes during therapy it is necessary to modify the braces or make new ones in order to fully correct the malocclusion.


Single-Arch Braces

These are braces which are kept on the teeth using special clamps. The wire elements are for moving the teeth. An inserted screw allows an extension of the arch. Usually there are plates for the upper or the lower dental arch, and the fact that they are kept in place with clamps allows for independent effect.


Double-Arch Braces

These are functional braces which allow treating multiple defects, particularly in the case of Patients who are in the growing period. These braces have the upper part connected with the lower part. They force a proper positioning of the jaw, which, for example, stimulates its growth.