Fulfil your dreams of a beautiful smile! Our Clinic offers top quality orthodontic treatment performed by dentists specialising in the area of orthodontics. You can be sure that you are in good hands.

Orthodontics is also a key element of our original method of shaping the most beautiful smiles – Perfect Smile Modeling®, supporting our integrated dental and cosmetic treatments. Orthodontics allows proper prosthetic treatment, supports periodontal therapies (treatment of periodontal diseases) and speech therapy.

In our Clinic we use:

Fixed braces

Fixed braces allow us to treat practically all kinds of occlusal disorders. They are active 24 hours per day.

They can be used by Patients of all ages:

Fixed braces can be divided into:


Removable Braces

In our Clinic we also offer orthodontic treatment using removable braces. Removable braces are the kind of braces which the Patient can take of or put on by him-/herself.

They are most often used in the case of young Patients, but they can also be useful in the case of adults.