General Dentistry

Preventive dentistry

In our Clinic we put great emphasis on caries prevention, or trying to avoid cavities. We plan a custom preventive program for each Patient depending on the risk of caries and other co-occurring diseases.

Our highly qualified hygienist provides our Patients with the important information about proper oral hygiene, helping to choose the proper accessories and  hygiene products, such as toothbrush, toothpaste or mouthwash.

Every six months, in the course of orthodontic treatment or even more often, it is necessary to have your teeth professionally cleaned (scaling, sanding), which is followed by application of proper tooth tissue strengthening preparations.

Damaged structure of the teeth unfortunately does not regenerate and the only method of stopping caries is to treat it. The aim of treatment is to maintain the teeth and prevent the occurrence of any complications.

Treatment of cavities involves removal of damaged tooth tissue thorough cleaning and rebuilding the lost tissue with a suitable material. In our Clinic we use top quality materials which guarantee that your teeth will regain perfect shape and functionality.

We use two methods of filling cavities:

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