Teeth Whitening

Discoloration of the enamel, especially if superficial, can be removed through regular brushing and professional cleaning in a dental clinic.

However, discoloration which managed to penetrate deep into the structure of the tooth is difficult to remove using traditional means. To meet the demands of Customers dreaming of a beautiful, toothy smile, we offer two methods of teeth whitening in our Clinic:

In our Clinic each teeth whitening treatment is preceded by cleaning of calculus and plaque. It has a significant impact on the effects of whitening.


ZOOM lamp whitening – a white smile in just an hour!

The ZOOM lamp whitening system (read more) is a scientifically advanced, patented method of teeth whitening in a dental clinic. It is completely safe, effective and guarantees quick results.

The treatment involves applying a special ZOOM whitening gel on the surface of the teeth, which is then activated by the accelerator light. The light emitted by the ZOOM lamp accelerator speeds up the teeth whitening effect by increasing the frequency of oxidation of hydrogen peroxide. The whole procedure takes about one hour.

After leaving the Clinic, soon after the procedure, you can enjoy a new, whitened smile.


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Overlay method teeth whitening

It involves making specially matched silicone overlays, which are filled with a special whitening gel and then applied on the teeth, in strict compliance with the doctor’s or hygienist’s recommendations.

During the first visit the doctor checks the condition of the gums and teeth. The current colour of the teeth is also checked. On the basis of this interview, it is determined if there are any contraindications for the treatment. If the treatment can be performed, special impressions of the teeth are taken, on the basis of which a prosthetic technician makes the whitening overlays.

They are made is such a way as to ensure perfect fit to the shape of the teeth.

During the second visit the Patient receives the overlays, a set of whitening gels and is instructed regarding the application guidelines.

The whole teeth whitening process takes about 10 days. Afterwards you can enjoy a white smile.

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Whitening of dead teeth

Dead teeth, which are often darker than other ones, can regain their former colour. In order to do this, a special whitening preparation is applied inside the tooth.

Before each whitening procedure we perform in our Clinic, we always take X-ray photos to verify that previous root canal treatment was properly carried out. If there are no contraindications to the treatment, after inserting the whitening material the tooth is secured with a temporary filling.

To make sure that the treatment is effective, it is often necessary to apply the whitening preparation 3 or 4 times. Proper preventive measures are taken to ensure that the treatment is safe. The bottom of the chamber and the cervical area are secured with a layer of cement. This material protects the root section of the tooth against penetration of oxidising agents.


It must be remembered that the effects of teeth whitening vary from patient to patient. The doctor is unable to foresee how effective the teeth whitening will be.

To ensure proper results of whitening, it is necessary to eliminate colouring foods from your diet, such as beetroot, curry, red wine or coffee. Smoking should also be avoided.

The effects of teeth whitening on average lasts two years and depends on the Patient’s lifestyle. It is understandable that Patients who smoke or drink a lot of coffee will enjoy the results of teeth whitening for a shorter time and additional whitening sessions will be required to maintain these effects.